Project Overview

Whereas the UNG 1.0 project successfully demonstrated the possibility of building a Web based office environment using Open Source components exclusively, the UNG 2.0 project is well underway to create a browser based office environment completely independent of any server technology.


We're finishing the initial prototype of the JIO library, which allows the Javascript developer to abstract the data storage of an application in a unified API, no matter if the data is stored locally on the browser, or encrypted and stored redundantly on multiple servers.


In a few weeks the current API of the JIO library will be solidified, and we'll move to integrate the User Interface elements that were part of UNG 1.0

Fork it !

You can fork it on :

This code needs to run behind an http server like apache. So if you would like to run it, please checkout this repository under the path of static files of your http server. Then you can access it with http://some_server/some_path/UNProject/login.html .

Online demo

You can check (currently alpha-quality) demo here :

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